We are a combined philosophy (Montessori, Reggio & Traditional ECE) corporate child care facility. Our state of the art facility and care team offer a child centred, nurturing environment for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children.

The program is responsive to the individual needs of the children and families that it serves. Qualified, experienced educators ensure that the physical, emotional and social development of each child is supported through the provision of an environment that truly respects the needs of young children.


  • Recognizes the importance of the early years
  • Offers the best of the best in early learning and care
  • Encourages independence from the beginning
  • Shares, cares, communicates and celebrates diversity
  • Supports early learning through play, creative exploration and enhanced educational opportunities


The Montessori method provides a stimulating environment, which helps to prepare the child for future learning and living. The Montessori environment provides a balance of individual and group work, challenge and support, free choice and appropriate limits, independence and collaboration. It takes the whole child into consideration and helps the child move towards a real joy of learning and living.


The Reggio Emilia Philosophy is an approach to teaching, learning and advocacy for children. In its most basic form, it is a way of observing what children know, are curious about and what challenges them. Teachers record these observations to reflect on developmentally appropriate ways to help children expand their academic and social potentials. Long term projects connect core academic areas in and out of the classroom.

Traditional ECE:

Is a play based learning approach. Purposeful play is developmentally appropriate and significant element of any early childhood program.  The ECE philosophy emphasizes the importance of play in a child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. Play is a way of learning for children. During a typical preschool day there will be structured and unstructured periods.